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 Pruning is an essential and accepted practice, which keeps trees healthy. Bad pruning is worse than not pruning at all.
Broken branches and stubs need to be pruned because they will invite insects into the live wood.• Prune 12 inches away from diseases and blights that are presented on the tree.•
cut lower branch at other times.When pruning crossing branches the smaller of the two should be cut. It may be better too
with the rest of the tree for nutrients.Root suckers are small branches that grow at the base of the tree that will compete
need to be pruned because they are competing with the rest of the tree for nutrients.
U-shaped and V-shaped crotches:Water sprouts are lower branches that grow where you have already planted; they•
the tree and damage property. The u-shaped crotches on the other hand will be more stable.Young tree pruning Get rid of the v-shaped crotches because they are unstable; when they break it could kill• prune always keep the straight ones.Identify and remove problem branches, when deciding which competing branches to• straight cuts are acceptable.When pruning deciduous trees always make cuts at a 45 degree angle. With conifers•
third through the branch before taking it down. This will reduce the weight of the branch for an easier cut.When pruning large branches use a pruning saw. Before cutting make an undercut one• Always use bypass hand pruners and loppers to ensure proper cuts.• water mixture.To reduce the chance of spreading tree diseases clean equipment in a 10% bleach to• Only remove one-third of the tree branch mass every five years.• the first two years after planting.Newly planted trees should only be pruned to remove dead and broken branches .

FRANCOIS TASSE with his many years of experience with trees gave an informative presentation. The most exciting part about this session was being able to see Francois while he went to work on a tree. Certainly the main point of the demonstration was to emphasize safety
for everyone in the area, and with safety came utilizing and communicating with a partner on the ground and ensuring that nobody else entered the area unannounced. He stressed a bottom-up method for removing the branches; this allows for the hanging lines of rope to remain untangled
for the most part. Beyond that, remaining attached to the tree at all times was a very important part of a successful tree pruning or removal....!!!!   


Experienced Tip Top climbers get ready to remove a large portion of wood over valuable property and powerlines. Proper rigging is crucial for a safe cutting procedure. Our crews know how to GET R' DONE...!!!!